3rd December 2019

Walnut announce Social Media team expansion: Meet Alisha

Walnut would like to introduce you to our newest member of the PR, Social Media and Content team: Alisha Griffiths. 

Due to the department’s increase in demand and our latest influx of new clients, Alisha has joined the team as the new Social Media Executive, aiding Walnut with everything social media related to include social media campaigns, PPC, content creation and full campaign management. 

She joins the team as a University of Sheffield Journalism Graduate and former Senior Account Executive at a Sheffield-based PR agency, after looking for a new change and challenge. 

Alisha said: “I really liked how young and fresh Walnut was compared to other agencies!”

The appointment of Alisha enables the agency to continue developing Walnut’s emplacement at the forefront of social media campaigns.

Social Media is an invaluable component within any marketing strategy and when used well can support a company’s promotion, brand identity and communication. 

Speaking about what she’s most excited about in her new role, Alisha says: “I’m most looking forward to getting stuck into my new clients, and hopefully helping Walnut continue to grow!”

Glen Crossland, Director at Walnut, said: “From what we have seen already, Alisha has shown that she is a key member of the PR team and will be pivotal to Walnut’s continued growth.”

To contact Alisha to discuss your potential social media campaign, drop her an email at alisha@walnutcreative.co.uk 

1st November 2019

Walnut is celebrating its fourth birthday!

So, Walnut has just escaped its baby phase and we’re now onto the next stage of life, celebrating our fourth birthday. 

We’ve come a long way since we established back in 2015, starting out as a one-man-band to now having one of the largest office in Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre and building our client base which now stretches all over the world.

Our marketing departments and tools have increased: Walnut Creative and our 17 talented members of staff offer a complete marketing solution, including PR, social media, design, photography, videography and web development.

We also accommodate some great facilities including a studio, meeting area, concept facilities, digital printing solutions and much more.

Walnut has obtained an outstanding reputation in its four years of service and has grown year on year. The reason for our young success is our understanding of both local and international marketing trends.

Despite the fact we anticipated a tougher year due to the current political landscape, we have performed and developed through this. This is thanks to the creativity of the team and the forward thinking group of new clients we have, who understand that marketing in tougher business conditions is hugely important. 

Glen Crossland, Director at Walnut said: “I am so happy with how far we’ve come and can’t wait for 2020.

“The focus next year is all about customer service and creativity. We never plan for growth because we never want to be in that mindset of chasing dollar signs, but, if our customer service and creativity is on point then growth is more organic for a boutique agency like Walnut.” 

Walnut would like to say a big thanks to all of our clients, partners and supporters for helping us get to the 4 year mark. 

To find out more about what Walnut can do for your business, get in touch with us at info@walnutcreative.co.uk or give us a call on 01226 720711.

23rd October 2019

From Barnsley to Milan: Walnut’s attendance at Host

Walnut Creative were delighted to attend the 41st edition of Host, in Milan. 

The event took place last Thursday and saw over 2,000 exhibitors present.

Our very own Ruby visited the world famous hospitality and catering exhibition and mingled with some of our current and potential clients. 

Host Milano is the perfect place to observe the forefront of the catering industry’s talent, viewing some of the finest products and solutions the foodservice sector has to offer.

On behalf of the team, Ruby caught up with some of these exhibitors to discuss the potential of marketing through Walnut. 

Ruby Highfield, Graphic Designer at Walnut said: “It was great to see lots of new and familiar faces at Host 2019.” 

“Thank you for taking the time to speak to me and I hope you enjoyed Host (and Milan!) as much as I did.”

As Ruby mentioned this weekend, if you would like to get some more information about how we would promote and market your business, please get in touch and drop us an email at info@walnutcreative.co.uk.

14th October 2019

Walnut are gearing up for 2020!

At Walnut, we’re known for exceeding expectations, so after a hectic few months, we are in preparation for the new year. 

We like to do the best we can for our clients and their audiences, so for 2020 we will be focusing on creating a successful year of consolidating our client base and focusing on enhancing our team to develop our internal skillset and offer new services.

It would be an understatement to say we’ve had a year of growth… having obtained a multitude of innovative new clients, entering into new sectors and of course winning contracts of all sizes. 

Whilst our roots have been firmly cemented in the foodservice sector, in 2020 our focus will remain in this industry as well as developing ourselves in multiple sectors and on the high street too.

As we enter our fifth year in business, Walnut have seen a rebrand, a new office and a drove of new staff members that we’ve invested in, to cope with more clients from all sectors. 

Managing Director, Glen Crossland said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled with the continuous growth Walnut have had and can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

“Get in touch to arrange an initial meeting to see how Walnut can support and grow your business further.”

If you would like to find out more on how Walnut can help your business with our marketing tools, or if you have any questions about our services, get in touch at info@walnutcreative.co.uk or call the office on 01226 720711.

8th October 2019

What does the future hold for influencer marketing?

Summertime is coming to a close and with it is the dilution of everything Love Island-related, its contestants peak in popularity during the airing of the hit series but once the show ends and the popularity fades, so do the contestants’ careers and they end up clinging to anything that keeps them relevant, often that means becoming an influencer. 

Now we’re 5 seasons down, though, are the influencers still influencing? Or have the general public become aloof to the endless string of endorsements? 

How did it start? 

Celebrity endorsement has been around since the dawn of TV, once occupied by A-lister film stars mainly flogging cigarettes, throughout the years, however, the market has changed and endorsements are now purely notarised by reality stars or as they like to be called ‘influencers’. 

In the early years of the millennia, Big Brother stars were the new faces of campaigns and leading household products could not wait to throw their money at these newfound famous faces. And it worked, products flew off the shelves - consumers saw similarities with these once normal members of the public and wanted to be like them. 

Reality TV blew up from here, with channels birthing shows like The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea, which were then complemented by the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. These shows, albeit quite heavily scripted, had characters which appeared normal who were active on every social media platform, giving them a mass of young followers who aspired to be like them and achieve what they have achieved. And what better way to be like your idol, than to use the products they use? - this led to a new breed of individuals aptly called the ‘influencer’. 

What is influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing is an advertising tool which uses personalities to sell a product or service. It is a visual form of marketing, often found on Instagram, using product placement to drive organic conversation and engagement around a brand’s products and service.

Although I’ve mentioned reality TV stars as influencers, you don’t have to be on TV to be an influencer. Anyone can become one, an influencer is a social media user that can have anywhere from a few thousand to a few million followers. There are many reasons why influencer’s gain the followers initially, but the usual suspects is the user’s appearance, their associations or indeed their involvement on TV. They are a savvy bunch, with their fingers on the digital pulse of a highly-engaged and captive following.

What does the future hold?

Many influencers have come under fire recently for promoting diet and detox products to their impressionable followers, which lead to a backlash from body positivity activists. Not only that, but a large number of influencers were promoting items that weren’t certified by accredited bodies. With growing speculation around clickbait and fake news, it could only be a matter of time before consumers stop trusting influencer reviews, product placements and advice. 

Instead, more genuine looking sponsored posts, by lesser-known influencers (with 5,000 – 100,000 followers) are becoming more and more popular for brands to join forces with.

These influencers have more communication with their followers, have greater authenticity, a more targeted audience and are more likely to associate with smaller brands, whilst charging less to successfully drive sales and engagement rates. 

Influencers that create memorable and meaningful posts are more likely to be used and the simple product placement ads are likely to fade. It is these influencers that have the opportunity to garner the benefits for brands for a somewhat low cost, and have had a big impact on the marketing industry. 

Who knows what the future holds for the influencer? What can be said, is they’re not likely to disappear any time soon.

30th September 2019

Meet our new Web Developer, Tom!

Walnut continues its period of growth and we’re thrilled to welcome Tom Morton to our Web Developer team.  

Tom will be working alongside Web Developers' James and recently promoted, Craig. Having joined this month, Tom is supporting us during a busy season, after a growing list of upcoming projects meant that Tom’s expertise was much needed. 

Graduating from the University of Huddersfield with a Web Technologies degree, Tom utilised his experience by starting his own Web Development company in his final years at University. 

After University, he began working in a Computer Games Studio as a Web Developer and again in the same role for a local marketing agency.

Tom applied for our new role after hearing positive things about the management at Walnut. Now, he’s most looking forward to taking on bigger, more exciting projects and helping the web team grow. 

Craig Wistow, our Technical Manager at Walnut, said: “The amount of web development work has grown massively in the past few months, so having Tom as a new member of the team will really benefit our department. 

“Tom has many years of experience and will be able to manage the hefty workload we have currently.”

23rd September 2019

How to market your business to your chosen audience?

Rather than throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks, as a company, you need to figure out who your chosen market is and how to target them. But first, you need to understand what you have to offer and who would want to be a customer of yours. 

Acknowledge what your brand and target market is

It's important to distinguish your sector; most businesses can be split into retail or service. If your business can fit into retail, you need to make sure your range of products are outperforming your competitors’ and if you provide a service, you need to ensure your skills are fine-tuned and your customer service is on point.  

There are many factors to consider when determining who your target market is. Look at previous customers of yours and estimate their age, gender, where they’re based, occupation, marital status, culture and interests/hobbies. Once these are considered it is easier to evaluate how your product or service will benefit your customer’s existence. 

Build your brand online 

As a business, building your brand online is pivotal, it is also a free and easy way to promote your assets. It doesn’t matter which sector your business belongs to, every company benefits from an online platform, or several. Creating a brand image, content and tone of voice assists in delivering an instant recognition tool for your customers. 

Besides, a brand identity fuels a consistent and unified trademark. By using the same branding materials, that link to your website, you create a unique online existence - generating further awareness.

Run campaigns to see what consumer response you get 

Running a social media marketing campaign is a great way of increasing brand awareness, raising the visibility of your business’s services or products. Engaging with the general public helps discover which individuals gravitate towards your company, ultimately increasing your chance for sales and recommendations. 

Being placed on the feed of a potential customer is another way of creating company identity and trust. It’s well-known that consumers tend to purchase from companies they recognise or have previously been visually stimulated by. 

Identify what your customers want most from you

Naturally, business owners keep a log of product and service sales, but looking at highest purchased menu-items is also key in discovering what element of your company is the most popular with consumers. Customers purchase products or services based on expectation and what they believe your company will provide for them. 

Assessing your most popular products and services, to see why those are the top-sellers is one way of filtering your offerings, effectively marketing the products and services that are worth advertising. 

It may also be beneficial research on similar companies to yours, see what they are promoting and how they are promoting it. Surfing the Internet for articles and blog posts that refer to your company’s target market is another way of understanding how to effectively campaign. 

Conducting your own research is the most effective way of obtaining information personal to your company and customers’ needs. If you provide a service, ask your customer to fill out a performance review, once completed. If your focus is product sales, once a customer has purchased one of your items, sending a follow-up email about said product or sending the link to a survey about consumer insights is a worthwhile way of receiving essential feedback.

Deliver what they want 

Once you’ve uncovered who your target market is and what they want from your company, it’s important to utilise that information and convert it into growing sales. 

By understanding the expectations of your customers, in future, you’ll be better able to mould your offerings, abandoning the products and services that aren’t helping your company or your customers and deliver the most effective consumer experience possible.

16th September 2019

How does social media affect your brand?

In this social media obsessed climate, it’s easy to assume why it seems essential for a company to hold a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile. As a business, building your brand awareness is pivotal and social media acts as an easy way to promote your assets. Like all types of exposure, there are benefits and drawbacks to being featured on the famous three.

Brand Identity 


It’s no secret that a primary way of building business credibility is through implementing a brand identity. Whether this is through the content you showcase, the logo attached to your materials or the colours utilised in your campaigns, transferring your brand’s identity across to its social media sisters is one way of stimulating a style and image. Whilst a website, business cards and printed advertisements have historically been the go-to materials for start-ups, social media is now seen as one of the critical promotion methods that should be added to the menu.

Promoting materials across social media platform allows a company to distribute its brand across the several platforms and deliver a consistent and unified production. By using the same content and imagery that link to your website, you create a pioneering online existence which ultimately generates organic brand awareness.


It is time consuming to unify everything and stay consistently ‘on brand’. If this resonates with how you would feel, we would suggest outsourcing your marketing and social media with an agency who have the time and knowledge to exhibit your brand. 

Customer Interaction 


Since the initial purpose of social media was to interact and connect with those surrounding you, businesses have utilised these interactions as a marketing tool to promote a flawless brand. Social media platforms provide an instant communication tool which businesses can use to their advantage to resolve complaints, answer queries and follow their target market in order to mould their services and products. It provides an organic space to engage with fans and potential or actual customers. 

When businesses respond directly to customer’s query, it reveals the willingness to achieve positive customer satisfaction. This type of interaction is a simple way to adopt loyalty and cement a positive impression within your customers’ minds.


In a world where individuals live tweet their customer experiences and interactions, any transaction that is resembled to the customer as anything less than perfect can equate to a less than perfect review. If these build up it can seriously damage a brand’s reputation and image; in this case, it’s important to have a good in-house or outsourced PR team at hand to restore character. 

It’s free!


One element of social media that doesn’t require a con, is its price. Unless you choose to purchase additional social media marketing features, you benefit from a free platform to showcase your brand. Few things in life are free so the benefit of a complimentary promo tool is not something that can be ignored. Not only that, but expanding your social media catalogue is one way to positively impact your website traffic and search ranking. Businesses have the option to display their website, so a visitor needs to look no further to connect to your online head office. 

Into the bargain is the opportunity for businesses to promote elements of their products and services through effective personal advertising, featuring images of what you want to promote alongside the content which is going to boost reputation, exposure and direct customers specifically to the information you want them to see. 

Social media also provides a free way to improve organic search rankings on Google. When social posts link to the company website, those links help Google recognise that your website is genuine and should appear on searches, under specific keywords. By integrating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram into your marketing strategy, you can positively impact your online search results. 

9th September 2019

The main reasons it’s better to market your business through an agency

So you’ve decided to enhance your business through marketing? The next decision is whether or not your company is going to market itself, or use a trusted agency to gain the exposure wanted. 

Marketing a business is a time-consuming process and as an owner, managing yours and your team’s time is the number one priority. In this day and age, companies need some form of marketing to effectively showcase their products and services, as every business’s situation is different, the choice on how to market is something worth thinking about. Here are some reasons Walnut believe outsourcing your marketing needs is better than doing it in-house:

A whole lotta services

A creative marketing agency has all the features and services needed to successfully market your business. As each company varies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; a marketing agency like Walnut can utilise their department’s services, from design to PR and content, videography and web development, to choose the services which your company is most likely to benefit from. 

Depending on your final objective, an outsourced marketing company will tailor your service to create the best outcome.


Developing a marketing campaign requires lots of insider knowledge about the industry and thorough knowledge on various marketing concepts including branding, social media, paid advertising and SEO amongst many others. As so much specialism is required, the most successful campaigns apply all the different concepts rather than depending on a solitary department. Connecting with an established marketing agency always minimises the chance of mistakes in the campaign. 

Value for money

Hiring a marketing agency means for a single cost, you are introduced to all the elements of marketing with access to numerous departments all of which are working on all the different ways of enhancing your brand and image. It doesn’t matter what sector you belong in, or the size of your company, an experienced marketing agency will price your package on the particular demands needed.

Prioritised time

Lumping one person or department within your company, with the task of marketing your business requires lots of time, energy and research. Hiring an agency, however, means that those contracted individuals have more time to spend on your campaign and will ultimately deliver better solutions. To sum up, the agency is better equipped with the right tools to create exposure and deliver success for your company. 

Discuss your marketing choices with our team to see which solutions are best for you, contact info@walnutcreative.co.uk to start your campaign now! 

2nd September 2019

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Marketing

Marketing is a tricky old business and requires lots of time and effort. Fortunately, there aren’t masses of mistakes made when marketing, as long as you’re exposing the business, you can’t usually go wrong. That’s why Walnut have listed the handful of most common marketing mistakes made, so you can avoid them in future.  

Not enough time spent on marketing 

In 2019, it’s absolutely vital that your marketing efforts are up to scratch. Often, marketing is placed at the bottom of the pile when it should be placed at the top. Allocating only a short amount of time a week on your marketing exercises won’t provide you with enough time to produce, execute, and evaluate your campaigns and strategies, not to mention develop one that can propel adequate leads to your company. 

As a modern business, if you can’t devote more time to your marketing strategies, you won’t be able to regulate what benefits you and what doesn’t. If time can’t be spent, then it may be worth investing in a full-service marketing agency, like Walnut who can invest the time and effort into your marketing strategies and provide a personalised report to suit your needs. 

Targeting the wrong audience 

As a consumer, each and every one of us knows what it’s like to be targeted for an advert we have no interest in. We’re numb to the marketing strategies that don’t relate to us, that’s why it’s essential companies don’t waste time and effort on trying to target the wrong audience. 

Look at previous customers of yours and categorise these consumers by their most relevant characteristics e.g. needs, attitudes, behaviours, and location, rather than taking a more generalised approach. Once these are considered it is easier to evaluate how your product or service will benefit your customer’s existence. 

In a social media age, it’s even simpler to market to a niche audience. Social advertising tools allow you to concentrate on specific user groups, typically defined by geography, interests and social behaviours. Targeting smaller groups is cheaper and more effective as you’re not marketing to people who are unlikely to become customers.

Being inconsistent

Being consistent with your brand and your business materials is key in producing the best kind of results. If the materials you are putting out to the world, don’t match, your customers are going to feel confused and unsure about what you stand for as a business. 

Your marketing establishes the initial imprint your customer has of your company and you must carry that brand consistency throughout all your materials and through the experience of delivering your product or service.

Ignoring competition 

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to observing the competition. Being obsessive and tracking all of your competition’s movements is not healthy, but neither is avoiding them completely. 

Learn from the failures and successes of your rivals because if you don’t pay attention to what’s already out there, you’ll accidentally become an imitation project, even if it’s unintentional. This also allows you as a business owner to discover alternative offerings so you can stay ahead of the game. 

Blowing your budget on several marketing strategies 

When you’re out of your depth with something you’re not familiar with, it can be quite easy to throw your money at any marketing strategy that seems relevant. This is a common mistake, particularly when owners have their launch budget. Investing in several marketing strategies from various agencies can often leave you out of pocket, quicker, with limited results. 

You could also jeopardise your marketing analytics by promoting your business to too large of a market. Instead of blowing your budget on several agencies all promising the world, look at a reliable marketing agency offering a full service, utilising their department’s services, from design to PR and content, videography and web development, who will ultimately choose the services which your company is most likely to benefit from.




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